Microbes in the medical bag

Genetically engineered gut bacteria hold promise for safe, targeted therapies

Bumpy air boosts wind power

Turbulence regenerates gust strength between turbines, influencing design of arrays that can pull energy from the sky

A robotic window on the human mind

Engineers aim to build machines that put people at ease. The effort reveals truths about ourselves.

Chemistry on paper may make diagnoses cheap and portable

Next-gen microfluidic sensors could improve health monitoring at home and far afield

Roles for robots

Robots are getting geared up for a variety of human health and social uses

Heterostructures get a quantum buildup

A summary of “Quantum-Matter Heterostructures” by H. Boschker and J. Mannhart that appears in the 2017 Annual Review of Condensed Matter Physics

Getting it ripe

From meh to wow: The science of fruit maturation reveals new paths to better flavor