Republishing - Archived Guidelines

Our republishing guidelines were updated on July 31, 2019. The following applies to republishing before that date.

Knowable Magazine publishes the text of all articles under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 license (CC BY-ND) and you are welcome to republish our articles for free if you follow these guidelines.

Unless clearly labeled with a Creative Commons license, photographs and illustrations cannot be republished: It is the responsibility of the republisher to arrange with the copyright holder a license to use images.

Please send links to republished web articles and images of republished articles in print to [email protected].

Credit (Attribution):

  • Credit both the writer and Knowable Magazine, preferably in the byline: “By [Author Name], Knowable Magazine.” If your content management system does not allow you to do this, please include at the top of the story: “This story was originally published by Knowable Magazine.”
  • Include at the end of the article: “Knowable Magazine is an independent journalistic endeavor from Annual Reviews.” Include the Knowable Magazine logo with a link back to our home page or the specific article URL. Email [email protected] to receive the logo. 

Edits (NoDerivatives):

  • Material cannot be edited except to reflect relative changes in time, location, or editorial style (e.g., changing “yesterday” to “last month” and adding Oxford commas), without express permission (see below).
  • Headlines may be altered with the prior approval of Knowable Magazine editors.
  • If any substantive edits are requested, you must get prior approval from both Knowable Magazine editors and the bylined author. Author contact information is available in their bio or by emailing the editors.


  • Unless noted in the caption, images are not licensed for republishing.

Web Publishing:

  • Preserve all hyperlinks.
  • It is OK to publish our materials on pages with advertisements, but not to sell ads specifically to align with our articles.
  • Republishers are not allowed to sell Knowable Magazine content, nor to syndicate it. Please pick stories to republish individually that will resonate with your audience—do not republish our material automatically or wholesale on your site. We do not allow the use of our material on websites designed only to improve rankings on search engines or solely to attract revenue from network-based ads.
  • To use our material, your site must include a visible and reliable method for contacting you.
  • If you are interested in translating our stories into another language, you must ask for permission. Please contact Audience Engagement Editor Katie Fleeman.

For any other questions, contact Audience Engagement Editor Katie Fleeman, [email protected]